Here are some basic rules to follow when it comes to logos:

  • Don’t complicate it. Keeping it simple from the main design to the number of colors is key to a visually high impact. It also makes reproducing your logo in multiple medias that much easier.

  • Think long term. You want a logo that will stand the test of time and be adaptable to future changes.

  • Make it memorable and relevant. Branding is so important to your company and you’ll want an image portrayed that is specific to your services and/or products also one that people aren’t likely to forget.

  • Have it done professionally. There are many aspects to logo design that graphic artists specifically excel at. We have the right software, the formal training, and the experience to know what elements work and what won’t work.

This just scratches the surface. Designing a logo takes time, knowledge, creativity and the right tools. Our designers at Unity Printing offer one-on-one meetings to get you started on this very important aspect of your business.