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What graphics programs do you accept?

What graphics programs do you accept?

Most graphics programs are acceptable, but PDF's are the preferred file format. Graphics programs can be categorized in three different ways - page layout, photograph and illustration. Illustrations and photographs are compiled with text in a page layout program. Below are the preferred graphics programs used in the printing industry.

Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress - These programs are recommended for creating a page layout. All supporting fonts, images and illustrations should be included when submitting a native file from either of these programs.

Adobe Illustrator - This program is recommended for creating vector art, such as clip art or logos. If creating a page layout with Illustrator, you should "Convert to Paths" all of the type. When choosing this option you will not need to include your fonts, but we will be unable to make any type changes. If type changes occur, you will need to resubmit the file after making the corrections yourself. Be sure to include any placed images.

Adobe Photoshop - This program is a raster based image editor recommended for use with photographic images.

Microsoft Products - Although programs such as Word and Publisher are capable of creating page layouts, they are not recommended as graphics programs, due to their limitations.

Adobe Acrobat Distiller - Used to create PDFs, this is the preferred format for submitting files. All the above programs are capable of creating PDFs. When preparing PDF files for submission, you can download Unity Printing's Distiller Settings on the previous page. Doing so will insure proper embedding of fonts and images.

Simply start Distiller, go to the Settings Menu and click on Add Adobe PDF Settings. Select the file you have downloaded (UPC_PDF.joboptions). When you go to create a PDF from the native file, select the UPC_PDF setting. Make sure pdf's are written to size and include bleed when needed. Manufacturing marks of any kind are not necessary on PDF files (Unity Printing will add them).

If you do not have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, nearly all programs allow you to create PDF's. Always choose Press Quality settings. This will embed all fonts.

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